The research in entrepreneurship at AU has so far had two tracks. One track has had entrepreneurship as the main focus and been concentrated among the staffs at Department of Management (ASB) and the School of Economics and Management (SAM). The other track has dealt with entrepreneurship as a part of or an aspect of other research fields at different departments.

In order to strengthen the University's future research into entrepreneurship, the research will from now on be based in Centre for Advanced Research in Entrepreneurship (CARE). CARE will be responsible for the general research development along side and in cooperation with other research units at AU. The centre's main task is to perform both basic and applied research as well as inspire and coordinate the broad research taking place at the other departments. CARE will thus create the foundation for common, interfaculty research projects within entrepreneurship. Its unique profile consists of a  focus on four areas:

  1. entrepreneurial education
  2. entrepreneurial mindset
  3. entrepreneurial possibilities
  4. regional development.

The rationale is that an entrepreneurial mindset is the prerequisite for the identification of entrepreneurial possibilities, and that it is possible to influence this mindset through education, thus creating regional development in the long term.

Within the last decade, the research production has at an average amounted to five articles a year. We will be working towards an increase of two articles a year, resulting in 14 articles by the year 2015.

Simultaneously, our efforts will be focused on increasing the number of articles published in highly ranked publications to 15 % of the yearly publication.

This is achieved through relevant and innovative basic and applied research which can result in essential new knowledge. The prerequisite for this is international collaboration as outlined above.

The research at AU is characterized by a very high degree of collaboration and publication with international researchers (please refer to publication lists in CVs) as well as by participating in international editorial boards (ETP, ISBJ, ERD), in the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) and in different international advisory boards. Our wish is to attract internationally acknowledged researchers for short and long-term stays, and the possibility is already there.